Goody Bag Thumbnail & Previews

Make your Goody Bags more enticing by using a thumbnail and, if you want, allow one or more files to be previewed for free, pre-purchase! Only Goody Bags with thumbnails will appear in the Find Goodies search so be sure to select your thumbnail while you're creating your Goody Bag.

Video Previews
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Not only will a thumbnail make your Goody Bag more enticing, it is a great indicator of what else is in store for your customer when he buys the bag, so be sure to select a thumbnail that will best represent the entire bag. Remember, only Goody Bags with thumbnails will appear in Find Goodies.

To select a thumbnail for your Goody Bag, mark the thumbnail button next to the file that best represents the entire Goody Bag. Nudity is not allowed in a thumbnail.


Your bag's thumbnail has drawn your customer in for a closer look and now you can really seal the deal by wetting his appetite with a "free sample" of one or more of the Goodies in your bag. Pick the file or files that will leave your customer with no choice but to click "Buy Now!"

To select a preview or previews, check the "Allow Preview?" box next to the files. Previews must not contain any below the waist frontal nudity. Previews containing above waist or buttocks nudity will only be displayed to logged-in NiteFlirt members.

If the file is a video, click “Edit Preview” to select a few screenshots for the preview.

    1. Press "Play" or slide the time stamp indicator to a frame you want to use.
    2. Click "Capture" to create an image of the frame. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 up to 10 times.
    3. Increase or decrease the amount of time between frames.
    4. Click "Preview" to see what the preview of your video will look like.
    5. Select the frame you want to act as a thumbnail for the Preview. This is the first image a customer will see when he browses the available Previews in your Goody Bag.
    6. Save your Preview!

Important note: Video previews are applied to the video file. The preview you create for a specific video will be that video's preview, when allowed, across all Goody Bags it's in. Video previews cannot be edited once a bag has been submitted.


Status of Thumbnail & Previews
To ensure that all Goody Bags are consistent with NiteFlirt’s policies, the files you select for thumbnails and previews will be reviewed. The review process can take 3 business days. These icons will appear next to the selected thumbnail and previews in the Public Status column:

pending.jpg   : This image is pending review for use as a thumbnail or preview.

check.jpg: This image is OK for use as a thumbnail or preview. If the image contains nudity, then it is OK for use as a preview but not as a thumbnail.

notaccepted.jpg  : This image cannot be used as a thumbnail or preview.

Once reviewed, files can be used as thumbnails or previews in other Goody Bags without having to be reviewed again.

Goody Bags that have completed the 2257 Compliance but have a thumbnail, preview, or both that are still being reviewed will still be active for sale on their Go Live date. However, a default image will be used as the thumbnail and previews will not be available until they have been reviewed.








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