Creating & Editing Goody Bags

Create a Goody Bag

To create a Goody Bag, click “new” in the “Goody Bags” tab of File Manager.

  • Enter a Title. The title of the Goody Bag should represent the Goodies it contains.
  • Set a Price. When pricing your Goody Bag, be sure that your price matches the value delivered. Many files should be priced higher than one or a few; highly erotic, well-produced shots should be priced higher than a simple, vanilla selfie, etc. For videos, a good rule of thumb is $1.00 per minute of video. And, as with Paid Mail, you’ll keep 70% of the sales price!
  • Schedule it to Go Live. You can specify a time in the future for the Goody Bag to be active and available for sale. This is a convenient feature so that you can prepare many bags at once to ensure you have daily fresh content for weeks or months until you get a block of time to create more Goody Bags. 
  • Add a Description. Using text only (no HTML!), describe the Goody Bag and its contents in more detail to encourage a customer to buy it!
  • Make it public or private. If you don't want your Goody Bag included in the Find Goodies search or on the Goodies tab of your Flirt Profile and listings, make it private by clicking the box next to "Make this bag private; won't show in search or in Goodies tab."
  • Save! Click Save to save your new Goody Bag.
  • Add files. Now that you’ve created your Goody Bag, click the "Add files" button to select from your previously uploaded File Manager files. If you need to upload files, visit the Files tab.

    Reminder: In order for customers to find your Goody Bags, the files must be accurately tagged. By default, all Goody Bags are included in the Find Goodies search and all your bags will show up in the Goodies tab of your Flirt Profile. If you do not want your bag to be included in a Find Goodies search or appear on your Goodies tab, make it private by checking the “Make this bag private” box. You can change this selection at any time.
  • Comply with Federal Regulations. After you’ve added files to your bag, complete your 2257 Compliance for each file.
    In the “2257 Compliance" column, click the “Incomplete" link to launch the Compliance Wizard. To complete the 2257 Compliance process for multiple files at once (if they contain similar, non-explicit content or feature the same models), just select the check boxes for the appropriate files and choose 2257 Compliance from the “Selected files” menu.
  • Select a thumbnail or preview. Use a thumbnail and preview to make your Goody Bag more enticing and help increase sales!
  • Submit your Goody Bag. Once your Goody Bag is submitted, it will be reviewed (which can take 3 business days) and you will not be able to add or remove files. You can still, however, edit the bag to make changes to its title, price, Go Live date (if that date has not yet passed), and description. If you're not ready to submit your bag, save it instead! Don't like the bag you created? Delete it and start again.
    If you don't see the Submit button, you'll see the current status of your Goody Bag instead. Some of these statuses require action from you. You can find out what each status means and which actions may be required here.
  • Sell your Goody Bag! Your active, public Goody Bags will appear in a Find Goodies search (Don't forget to tag your files!) and on the Goodies tab of your Flirt Profile and listings, which you can send customers directly to by adding #goodies to your Flirt Profile address, like this:

    You can also place Goody Bag buttons on your website, blog, and social media sites to increase sales. Not only is selling more Goody Bags good for your wallet, it's good for your File Manager storage, too (find out how)! If you need to make room for newer content, it's wise to delete Goody Bags that are not selling well. You can see how many times a Goody Bag has been sold along with the date of the last sale in the Goody Bag Details section for each bag.



Edit a Goody Bag
If you have not yet submitted your Goody Bag, you can add or remove files and change its title, description, price, or Go Live date by clicking on the Goody Bag’s title in the left panel of "Goody Bags" and then making your changes in Goody Bag Details. Don’t forget to save your changes!

You cannot make changes to a bag that has already been submitted or is active or scheduled.






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