"Find Goodies" Search

The Find Goodies search allows customers to search across all Goody Bags to find exactly what they are looking for. This is why tagging your files is so important! If you don’t, the files in your Goody Bags won’t be indexed by the search engine and will not show up in a Find Goodies search. Haven't added tags to your files yet? Learn more about tags and Tag Sets or start tagging now!

In fact, when you click on NF-MenuSprites-FindGoodies.jpg at the top of any NiteFlirt page, you'll see that Related Tags is the first option by which customers can refine their search.

In addition to Related Tags, customers can also refine their search by dominance, age, race/ethnicity, and content rating, which are some of the other categories you chose from while tagging your files with the Tag Wizard.

And, like the Find a Flirt search, customers can search by keywords or for a specific Flirt.


Find Goodies Carousel
The "Recent Additions" Goodies shown in Find Goodies are the most recent active Goody Bags (up to 3 per Flirt), but are not displayed in any particular order. This means that today's active Goody Bags will be shown before yesterday's, but a bag that's only been active for a few hours may not necessarily show before a bag that's been active for 12 hours.

The "Top Goodies This Week" are those that have the most unique purchasers over the past 7 days and the Most Liked This Month are the bags that have received the highest approval ratings from unique customers over the past 30 days. Like "Recent Additions," up to 3 Goody Bags per Flirt can be shown in each of these carousels.






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