Federal 2257 Regulations Compliance Label

The 2257 Compliance Label shows how you comply with federal 2257 regulations. Once you have completed 2257 Compliance and the ID verification process (when applicable), the 2257 label will be public. It can be viewed When customers shop for your Goody Bag using Find Goodies or the Goodies tab of your Flirt Profile, they will be able to see the 2257 label by clicking on "Details" and then "18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Compliance Statement."

Here's what the 2257 Label may look like:

To see what the 2257 Label looks like for your content, just go to the "Goody Bags" tab of the File & Good Manager and click on the title of your Goody Bag in the left panel. Then, in the 2257 Compliance column, click "Label!"






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