My Listings

My Listings is your one-stop shop for all your listing management needs! You can create, edit, and delete listings; check their ratings, amount of calls, and per-minute rate; place a Featured Listings bid; and record their Greetings.

To access My Listings, click on the My Listings icon in the Flirt Center section of My Account.

On the My Listings page, your listings are shown in ratings order, Live Listings first and then Recorded Listings. Click "Create a Live Listing" or "Create a Recorded Listing" in the upper right to create additional listings.


My Listings Columns

MyCustomers-CheckBoxColumn.jpg Check the boxes next to one or more listings to make rate or availability changes in a snap! Read on for more information about making rate and availability changes to multiple listings at once.
MyListings-Title.jpg Click on a listing's title to see what your listing looks like, and to get your call button and 1-800-TO-FLIRT extension.
MyListings-Category.jpg This is the category your listing is in.
MyListings-Status.jpg Your listing's acceptance status is displayed here. If your listing's status is "Needs Editing," click on the not_accepted.png icon for information about what changes need to be made in order for your listing to be accepted.
MyListings-Manage.jpg Click "Edit" to make changes to your listing's Title, Description, Per-Minute Rate, or photo. Click "Delete" to delete the listing. For Recorded Listings, click Record to make your recording by phone or to upload a file, and click Listen to hear your recording as customers hear it.
MyListings-Type.jpg Live or recorded. All of your live listings are listed first, recorded ones after.
MyListings-Availability.jpg This listing's availability. Click on its availability to change it. Learn more about listing availability.
MyListings-Rating.jpg The average star rating and rating points (in parenthesis) of this listing. Learn how ratings are calculated.
MyListings-Calls.jpg The number of calls this listing has received.
MyListings-Rate.jpg The listing's per-minute rate.
MyListings-CatRank.jpg The listing's current position in its category.
MyListings-Feature.jpg Click on "Place Bid" to feature this listing. If a bid is already in place, click "Update Bid" to update or cancel it.
MyListings-Greeting.jpg Record and listen to your listing's Greeting in this column. Note: Your Member Name and Greeting will only be played on 1-800-TO-FLIRT for Live Featured Listings priced at $1.79 per minute (before the connection charge) or less if the caller is not signed in to his account and $9.80 (before the connection charge) or less if the caller is signed in. 1-800-TO-FLIRT is only available to US/Canadian customers.


Mass Action Options
You can change the rate or availability of multiple listings at once by using the Selected Listings menu!

Check the boxes next to the listings you want to change and then choose Change Availability or Change Rate from the Selected Listings menu.

Select Change Availability to change the availability status of the selected listings. Choose a status and then click "Apply."

Select Change Rate to change the per-minute rate for the selected listings. Enter the new rate and apply your changes.






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