Attaching & Embedding Files

Now that you've uploaded your files to File Manager, you can attach any of them to your NF Mail and Payment Mail Buttons, or embed your image files into your Flirt Profile and Listings!


Attaching Files to Mail
You can attach up to 50 of your File Manager files per mail and mail button. Although the maximum size for a single file is 1GB, the total size of your attachments cannot exceed 1GB. And when you attach a file to a mail or button that hasn’t been previously uploaded, it will automatically be added to File Manager!

If you delete a file from File Manager, those that have already received it will still be able to download the file. For files attached to Payment Mail Buttons, however, the file must be removed from the button before you can delete it, but those that have already received the mail will still be able to purchase and download the file.

When adding attachments using "Choose from File Manager," easily find the files you want to attach by selecting an album and sorting the files by type. Just click on the Type, Name, Description, or Upload Date column headers to sort by those details.

If you use the NF Mail rich text editor to insert files into a message, enter only the URL portion of your file's embed code. For example, the embed code for files looks similar to <img src="" /> and the URL portion is which is what should be entered as the Image URL.

If the file you've just inserted doesn't immediately appear, you can make it appear by clicking on the file's placeholder and selecting the "Insert/Edit Image" icon again. When the "Insert/Edit Image" window appears, press the tab key on your keyboard to move to the next field and wait a few seconds for the dimensions to populate. Then click Insert/Update!

Of course, when using the NF Mail HTML editor to embed files into a message, enter the entire embed code for your file.


Embedding Images into your Flirt Profile and Listings
You can embed any of your File Manager image files into your Flirt Profile and Listings. Just click on the image's filename and copy the NiteFlirt-only embed code which is located in the File Details for your file.

See Using HTML for instructions on how to format your code for embedding images. Please note that you can only embed images into your Flirt Profile and Listings at this time.






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