Adding Tags & Using Tag Sets with File Manager

Now that you've uploaded files to File Manager, be sure to tag them using our Tag Wizard and create Tag Sets for collections of tags that can be used over and over again! Tagging your files is very important -- they will be used to help customers find your files, which will help to increase your sales.


Tags and Tag Wizard
Tags are keywords or terms that help to describe a file's content which makes organizing and finding your content easier. Tag Sets are groups of tags that make it easy for you to apply the same tags to similar files.

If you sell Goody Bags, the tags associated with the files, or Goodies, in your Goody Bags will be used to help customers find your Goodies thus playing a very important role in these sales. How well you describe an image determines how well our search works. Although you can select up to ten tags, more tags does not necessarily mean better tags. Our search engine will have thousands of built-in synonyms, so focus on getting the main concepts out and let the search engine do the rest!

While a lack of tags means your content might not be found at all, inaccurately tagging your files to appear in searches where you don’t belong will only irritate customers who want to find something specific. If customers can’t find what they're looking for, they don't buy anything and may take their business elsewhere. Inaccurate tagging impacts everyone on the site.

We encourage you to tag your files as you upload them so that you won't have to do this later as you bundle files into Goody Bags.

You can apply tags to files in the Files tab. Click a file's title or select one or more files and use the Selected Files drop-down menu to apply tags. Then choose a Tag Set from the Tags drop-down menu or click the icon to select tags in the Tag Wizard.

The Tag Wizard provides a vast selection of tags to cover key aspects of the content in your files:

  • Gender, Age, and Number of Subjects: Because your file most likely contains a person or people, select the tags that best describe their gender and age, and how many there are.
  • Body Type: Select the tags that best describe the body type of the subject(s). Only select genital-related tags if such characteristics are obvious in the file.
  • Other Physical Characteristics: Race/ethnicity, hair color, and body modifications such a prominent tattoos or piercings are worth describing because many customers are looking for content specifically related to these characteristics.
  • Content: What's the nature of the activity going on in the file? Is there nudity showing? What kind?
  • Kinks: Is a particular fetish or kink portrayed? Select from those provided to best describe it. We do our best to add synonyms to popular terms so if you don't see an exact term, select the best match!
  • Sex Acts, Erotica, and Fantasy: If a sex act, type of erotica, or particular fantasy is featured in your file, select from those listed to add the tag.


"Tag Sets"
Manage your Tag Sets on the Tag Sets tab. "Tag Sets" is where you'll go to view, create, and edit your Tag Sets.

All of your Tag Sets will be listed in the left panel and you can click on the name of a Tag Set to edit the name or the tags in the set. Click "new" to create a Tag Set.






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