Uploading Files to File Manager

Upload and store your NiteFlirt photos, videos, and other digital goods all in one place with File Manager! When you use File Manager, NiteFlirt will host your digital goods for embedding into your Flirt Profile and Listings or for selling via Paid Mail and bundling into Goody Bags.

Click on "File Manager" in the Flirt Center of My Account to start uploading and organizing your files!


Manage all of your File Manager files on the Files tab. “Files” is where you’ll go to upload, organize, and view all of your files.


To upload files to File Manager, click "Upload", "Add Files", and then select the files you want to upload. After the selected files populate in the window, choose the folder you want to add them to. If you do not specify a folder now, the files will be added to the Default Folder and you can organize them later. You should only upload files that you own the rights to or have permission to use and sell, and in which any  persons depicted in a sexual nature are 18 years of age or older. Check the box to agree to this and click "Upload"!

You can upload up to 20GB of files (learn how to increase your storage) but no single file can be larger than 1GB. You will not be able to upload the same file more than once (even if it has a different name), files with the same name, or file types that are not supported. The supported files types are:
Application & Text Files
Type Extension
Excel .xl   .xla   .xlb   .xlc   .xld   .xlk
.xll   .xlm   .xls   .xlt   .xlv   .xlw
PDF .pdf
PowerPoint .pot   .pps   .ppt   .ppz
Rich Text .rt   .rtf   .rtx
Text .c   .c++   .cc   .com   .conf   .cxx
.def   .f   .f90   .for   .g   .h
.hh   .idc   .jav   .java   .list   .log
.lst   .m   .mar   .pl   .sdml   .text   .txt
Word .doc   .dot   .w6w   .wiz   .word
Write .wri
Audio Files
Type Extension
MPEG-1 .m2a   .mp2   .mp3  
.mpa   .mpg   .mpga
WAVE .wav
Image Files
Type Extension
BitMap .bm   .bmp   .xbm
GIF .gif
JPEG .jfif   .jfif-tbnl   .jpe   .jpge   .jpg
PCPaint/PICtor .pic
PICT .pct   .pict
PNG .png   .x-png
TIFF .tif   .tiff
Video Files
Type Extension
ASF .asf
ASX .asx
AVS .avs
AVI .avi
M4V .m4v
Motion JPEG .mjpg
MP3 MPEG-1 & -2 .mp3
MP4 MPEG-4 .mp4
MPEG-1 .m1v
MPEG-1 & -2 .mp2   .mpeg   .mpg
MPEG-2 .m2v   .mpa   .mpe
MS Video .avi
QuickTime .moov   .mov   .qt
Window Media Video .wmv


Create folders to organize your files by clicking "new" in the Folders list.

Sometimes just seeing a file's name and its thumbnail isn't enough detail, especially if it's part of a series of pictures. Add a description by clicking on the folder or file's name to better distinguish them from the others.

Move files by checking the box next to the files you want to move, clicking the Selected Files drop-down menu, and then "Move to Folder". Choose the folder you want and click "Move".

Don't remember which folder you put a file in? Search for your file by entering any part of the file name or description in the search box.

Note: You may also notice a System Folder titled "Not Approved." This folder only appears when you have files that are inappropriate for NiteFlirt. Deleting files from this folder will delete them from File Manager all together.

Find out more about content that is inappropriate for NiteFlirt in Play Fair Basics.


Take advantage of the different sorting options to help you organize, locate, and utilize your files.

FileManager-Sort-List.jpg    View your files in a table to sort them by type, file name, description, or upload date
FileManager-Sort-Table.jpg   The thumbnail view let's you see only a preview of each file
FileManager-Sort-Filter.jpg   View only certain file types by using the Filter drop-down menu. Check the boxes for the types of files you want to see to filter what is shown.

Sort your files alphabetically by Type, File Name, or Description by clicking on the header in the column you want to sort.

Note that the preview of your file may appear slightly differently than the actual file. In order to ensure your File Manager loads quickly, we use a smaller version of your file for the preview. But don't worry -- when you send the file to your customers, they will get the original file you uploaded.


Now that you've uploaded and organized your files, be sure to tag them! In the near future, we'll make it easier for you to sell your digital goods to customers. Tags and Tag Sets will make your digital goods easier for customers to find!

If you're ready to embed your files into your Flirt Profile and Listings, and sell them via Paid Mail, click here!

Want to bundle your files into Goody Bags? Click here!






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