Creating, Editing, & Deleting Listings

Your NiteFlirt listings allow you to introduce yourself and give you a chance to turn someone who's "just looking" into a paying customer!

If you are new and want to become a Flirt, please see "How to Become a Flirt."


Existing Flirts can click on My Listings from the Flirt Center section of the My Account page to create, edit, or delete listings.

My Listings is where you'll go for all of your listing management needs (learn more). Be sure to review Play Fair Basics to ensure that your listing's content follows our policies!

During the listing creation process, you will need to:

  • Choose a category and topic. If your potential customers would be looking for a female Flirt, for example, select Find Women as your category. Please be sure that each of your listings is relevant to the topic you have chosen.
  • Enter a title. No single word in your listing's title may be more than 15 characters long. In order for your listing title not to be cut off, you'll need to put some spaces in between words that are more than 15 characters long.
  • Describe your service. You can use up to 14,000 characters (about 2,000 words) to describe your service and no single word in your listing may be more than 15 characters long. Include HTML to customize the sizes, shapes, and colors in your description, and to embed File Manager photos! For advanced listing design guidelines, see Using HTML.
  • Name your price. Enter the price per minute that you want callers to this listing to pay.
  • Add a photo. This thumbnail-style photo will appear in 95x95 pixels and will be displayed on your listing's "business card," which is shown on the category pages and on your Flirt Profile, and in the upper left corner of the listing itself.

You can create one Live Listing per topic as long as the content is relevant to the topic and conforms to the guidelines set forth in Play Fair Basics. You can create a maximum of 20 Recorded Listings. There is no restriction to the number of Recorded Listings you may have in any given topic, as long as you only have 20 Recorded Listings in total.

Once your listing has been accepted, customers can either search specifically for your Member Name or find you in our directory (on the home page and the Find a Flirt page).






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