How to Take NiteFlirt Calls

When you're available and your availability status is "Yes - Taking Calls," we'll send calls to the "Call Me at" phone number you have selected. If you have Caller ID, our toll-free number 1-800-TO-FLIRT (1-800-863-5478) will appear as the inbound number. After you've answered your phone, press 1 to accept the call or 3 to decline. Note: if you decline a call, your availability status will automatically change to "Away - Not Taking Calls."

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When you're on a NiteFlirt call, we help you manage the availability of your other NiteFlirt accounts with Busy Synch and, when a customer is running out of money during a call, we'll let you know by playing the Recharge Alert. The Recharge Alert announces "One minute remaining" and lets Flirts and customers know that the customer is 60 seconds away from running out of money in their NiteFlirt balance. After those last 60 seconds are up, the customer will be prompted to add funds to their NiteFlirt balance in order to continue with the call.






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