Call Connection Issues

The NiteFlirt platform is extremely complex, and not just from an internet technology perspective -- this complexity applies to our telephony system as well. In order for NiteFlirt calls to work, we not only rely on our own telephony system, but we also rely on the systems used by our Flirts' and customers' phone carriers. This means that a whole bunch of different systems need to work together seamlessly in order for your NiteFlirt calls to be connected successfully and sound crisp & clear!

And that's exactly what happens most of the time! But, alas, not always. If you experience an issue during a NiteFlirt call, please let us know! Every time you let us know about an issue with a call, we can trace the various routes the call took in an effort to determine where during the process the issue took place. If the issue took place during NiteFlirt's portion of the call process, we can usually fix the problem very quickly! Unfortunately, however, the vast majority of call-related issues are outside of our immediate control.

One example of an issue that is outside of our control is hours-long calls being cut-off. Some carriers limit call length and will disconnect lengthier calls even though you're still on the line! Thanks to member reports of this issue, we have been able to identify some of the carriers that do this and are working with them to find a solution so that your calls can stay connected for as long as you want!


Reporting Call Issues
If you experience an issue during a NiteFlirt call, you can let us know about it right in your NiteFlirt account by using the Phone Connection Tool. Just go to the My Account page and click on Transaction Details in the Payment Info section.


Locate the call during which you experienced an issue and click on "Call Details."


Then select from one of the options in the Phone Connection drop-down menu.


If the call in question does not have a related transaction, report the issue to us by submitting a Customer Support Request or sending an email to






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