Call Monitor

The NiteFlirt Call Monitor notifies you when a customer is trying to call you! When your Call Monitor is on and you are logged in to your NiteFlirt account, we will alert you that someone is calling you! All you have to do is have a supported web browser open to any page within your NiteFlirt account.

We display the current status of your Call Monitor in the My Availability section of the My Account page.

If it's off and you would like to turn it on, just click the word 'OFF' and it will turn on (and display 'ON'). To turn it off, just click the word 'ON' to change it to 'OFF.'

When someone is calling you, an audio alert will play (make sure your volume is on!) and a message will appear in the upper right corner of your browser. The message will let you know:

  • The caller's Member Name
  • The Listing he is calling
  • The Listing's category
  • The Listing's price per minute
  • The amount of Free Minutes, if any, you have given the caller
  • The phone number we are calling you at
  • Any notes for this customer, which link to the Customer Details page. We will only show the first 300 characters of your customer notes, but the rest are just a click away!

The alert will appear a few moments before your phone rings and will remain until you click the 'x' to close it, click to go to the customer notes, or navigate to another page within your account. Once you get this alert, it's too late to change your phone number or price for the call -- we are about to call you!

If we are unable to reach you, we will also display an alert to let you know.



*Note: The audio portion of the alert will only work in supported web browsers. If your browser only displays secure images on secure pages, notifications may not work. The Call Monitor does not work in the Help Center.






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