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Call Buttons are a great way for customers to connect with you -- they provide customers with direct access to your listings! You can place your Call Button on your website or blog, include it in emails you send, and post it to message boards and online chats. And, whether you're available or not, your customers will be able to contact you! Don't forget -- new NiteFlirt Members get their first 3 minutes free! (see complete offer details below*)

  • When you're available, your call button will look like this:
    Customers can click this button to start a call with you right away!
  • When you're away, customers will see:
    Customers can click this button to send an NF Mail to you when you're away!

To place call buttons, log in to your NiteFlirt account and go to the listing you want the call button for (by clicking on the Listing Title on the My Listings page).

Then click on the "Get Call Button" link in the yellow status bar at the top of your listing.

Copy and paste the HTML code in the Call Button window that pops up.


You can also use a text link instead of a Call Button! A text link would look like this:

Call me now: New NiteFlirt members get 3 FREE Minutes!

To make the example link above, start with the HTML code for your button and make the following changes

  • Copy this part of the code: <a href="">
    The 0000000 in this example signifies your listing ID, which is unique to each listing.
  • Paste the copied code on your external page and then add this text (after the >): Call me now: New NiteFlirt members get 3 FREE Minutes!
  • After the text, add: </a>
  • The entire text link code with look like: <a href="">Call me now: New NiteFlirt Members get 3 FREE Minutes!</a>

Feel free to be creative and personalize your text link! Instead of "Call me now: New NiteFlirt Members get 3 FREE Minutes!" your link can say "Click here to talk to me now!" or "Call me -- I can't wait to talk to you!" or anything you want!


*OFFER DETAILS: Your customer must click on your Call Button and subsequently register for the first time as a member of NiteFlirt or any of its affiliates or affiliate sites. The customer must act on the free minutes offer within 30 days of the date of clicking on your Call Button, otherwise the customer's free minutes offer will expire. To get the "3 Free Minutes" offer, your customer must add a credit card and phone number that are new to NiteFlirt. NiteFlirt reserves the right to alter, cancel or suspend this promotion at its sole discretion.






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