Using 1-800-TO-FLIRT

If you're calling from the US or Canada* and know your PIN, you can use 1-800-TO-FLIRT to talk to your favorite Flirts and manage your account. Just dial 1-800-TO-FLIRT (1-800-863-5478) from any touch-tone phone!


If you're new to NiteFlirt and want to become a member, press 1 to create an account and redeem your "3 Free Minutes" offer!

Already a member? Press 2 to access the main menu. From the main menu, you can:

  • press "1" to select from "My Favorites."
  • press "2" to select from Flirts in the most popular categories
  • press "3" to enter a Flirt's extension. If you do not know a Flirt's extension, you can find it on the Flirt's listing page on You'll need to be signed in and have a US/Canadian phone number on your account in order to see a listing's extension. If the Flirt you want is not available, press "2" from the main menu to select an available Flirt.
  • press "4" to manage your account.


Managing your Account on 1-800-TO-FLIRT
After pressing 4 from the main menu to access your account info, you can:

  • press "1" to add money to your account.
  • press "2" to add a new credit card.
  • press "3" to change your PIN.

When adding money to your account before or during a call, the following options will be announced:

  • press "1" to add $29.00.
  • press "2" to add $49.00.
  • press "3" to add $69.00.
  • press "4" to add a custom amount. When adding a custom amount, just enter the whole dollar amount (e.g., 30 for $30.00) followed by the pound (#) sign.

*International members calling from supported countries can initiate calls on the website.



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