How to Call a Flirt

To call a Flirt, find an available Flirt with whom you'd like to speak and click the "Call Now" button next to their name. Confirm your phone number on the Call Setup page and click "Call Now" to proceed with your call. If you are a dial-up internet user, don't forget to free your phone line at this point! After your phone rings and you answer, press 1 and we'll connect you with your chosen Flirt.

If you have a US/Canadian phone number, you can also place calls using 1-800-TO-FLIRT!

You'll pay the per-minute rate on the Flirt's listing for as long as you wish to speak. The cost of your call will be deducted from your NiteFlirt balance, which you fund using your credit card. If you run out of money during the call, we'll give you the chance to add more! And, don't worry, you will only be billed for the time during which you and the Flirt are speaking. When your call is over, don't forget to visit to leave feedback!

If a Flirt is not available, you can send mail to see when they will be!



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