Listen to Recorded Listings

Along with the thousands of Live Listings offered on NiteFlirt, we also offer many Recorded Listings!

A Recorded Listing is a message that has been recorded by a Flirt for their customers to listen to: a story, a fantasy, a role-playing scenario. You can call and listen to a Recorded Listing whenever you want. And you can listen to the same recording as many times as you want! Like all NiteFlirt calls, you'll pay the per-minute rate of the listing for as long as you listen.

Because we don't want to interrupt you while you're listening to a Recorded Listing, we require that you have enough money in your NiteFlirt balance to cover the entire length of the recording. But don't worry -- you don't have to listen to the entire thing. If you're done before the recording is over, simply hang up. Any remaining money in your balance can be used towards your next NiteFlirt purchase!

To listen to a Recorded Listing, click on the Listen Now button next to the listing you want and we'll call you. Press 1 to accept the call and the recording will begin.



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