Finding & Purchasing Goodies

Goodies are the digital goods (e.g., photos, videos, audio files, etc.) sold by Flirts that you can buy and own! Goodies contain one or more digital files that a Flirt bundles to be sold as a package. Once you buy Goodies, the files will be stored in your NiteFlirt account’s File Player so that you can access them from anywhere at anytime, or so you can download them onto your computer!


Find Goodies
Find Goodies that interest you by clicking NF-MenuSprites-FindGoodies.jpg at the top of any NiteFlirt page. The newest, best selling, and most liked Goodies are displayed automatically, and you can enter the keywords for specific Goodies in the search field. Refine your search by filtering the results in the left panel. You can narrow the results by related tags, price range, media type, ratings, and content such as dominance, age, race/ethnicity, and how explicit the Goodies are (also known as content rating).


Purchasing Goodies
After you've found Goodies in Find Goodies or on the Goodies tab of a Flirt’s Profile, click “Details” to read more about the Goodies.

Any available previews will be shown automatically, or you can click any of the file names in blue to preview a specific Goody! The Goodies Details will also tell you what others thought about the bag to help you decide if you want to buy the bag, too. Just click the arrow to the right of the approval rating to read the written feedback.

Ready to buy the Goodies? Just click buynow_goodybag.png and confirm your purchase!

As soon as you click "Confirm," the cost will be deducted from your NiteFlirt account and you can view your files right away (or keep shopping if you'd like).


View and Download Goodies
Once you have purchased Goodies, you can view its contents right in your NiteFlirt account -- we'll take you directly to your File Player if you would like. What’s File Player?

The files are listed by the Flirt you purchased them from or by the date you acquired them. And, with File Player, we store the files for you so that you can view them from anywhere by just logging in to your NiteFlirt account.

Don't want to only view your Goodies on NiteFlirt? No problem -- you can also download them from your File Player to your computer.


Rate the Goodies
After you have purchased Goodies, don't forget to rate them! You can do that on the Leave Feedback page, by clicking on “Leave Feedback” for the purchase in Transaction Details, or in the Purchased Goodies folder of File Player.

Ratings and feedback for Goodies are different than for calls or mail purchases. Instead of choosing a star rating between 1 and 5, you just select thumbs up thumbsup.jpg or thumbs down thumbdown.jpg. And don't forget to write some feedback about why you rated the Goodies the way you did! This will help others decide whether to purchase the Goodies.



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