File Player

Access the files you've received as NF Mail attachments and Goodies from anywhere with File Player! With File Player, you can download your media files locally or you can create playlists to stream a collection of files.

Any attachment or Goodies you've purchased will be added to File Player. Please note that attachments and File Player files may only be available for 18 months after the purchase date.

To access your File Player, just click on File Player in the Control Center section of My Account.


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Accessing Your Files
Supported File Types
Downloading Your Files
Managing Playlists


Accessing Your Files
The left panel of File Player is where you'll go to locate the files you're ready to view or download.

Your files are easy to find whether you search by for them by name or look under one of the group options we've provided:

FilePlayer-Buttons-SearchFiles.jpg Enter a file's name, a portion of it, and click Search to access a specific file
FilePlayer-Panel-Files.jpg Click "Show all files" to browse all of your File Player files or click "Recently acquired" for the past 14 days' worth
FilePlayer-Panel-GroupedByFlirt.jpg Browse through the files you've acquired from a specific Flirt by clicking the Flirt's name
FilePlayer-Panel-GroupedByDate.jpg Browse through the files you acquired on a specific date by clicking the acquisition date
FilePlayer-Panel-PurchasedGoodyBags.jpg View the Goody Bags you've purchased by clicking on the Flirt's name or Goody Bag title
FilePlayer-Panel-Playlists.jpg Select the playlist that has all of the files you're in the mood for and click Play

You can also sort and filter your files:

FileManager-Sort-Table.jpg   The default thumbnail view let's you see a preview of each file
FileManager-Sort-List.jpg    View your files in a list to see a preview, type, file name, description (if provided), and acquisition date
FileManager-Sort-Filter.jpg   View only certain types of files by using the Filter drop-down menu. Check the boxes for the types of files you want to see to filter what is shown.


Supported File Types
Although all of your attachments will be added to File Player once you download or view them in NF Mail, only the following file types can be viewed in File Player:

Audio Files
Type Extension
MPEG-1 .m2a
MPEG-1 .mp2
MPEG-1 .mp3
MPEG-1 .mpa
MPEG-01 .mpg
MPEG-1 .mpga
WAVE .wav
Image Files
Type Extension
BitMap .bm
BitMap .bmp
BitMap .xbm
GIF .gif
JPEG .jfif
JPEG .jfif-tbnl
JPEG .jpe
JPEG .jpge
JPEG .jpg
PCPaint/PICtor .pic
PICT .pct
PICT .pict
PNG .png
PNG .x-png
TIFF .tif
TIFF .tiff
Video Files
Type Extension
ASF .asf
ASX .asx
AVS .avs
AVI .avi
M4V .m4v
Motion JPEG .mjpg
MP3 MPEG-1 & -2 .mp3
MP4 MPEG-4 .mp4
MPEG-1 .m1v
MPEG-1 & -2 .mp2
MPEG-1 & -2 .mpeg
MPEG-1 & -2 .mpg
MPEG-2 .m2v
MPEG-2 .mpa
MPEG-2 .mpe
MS Video .avi
QuickTime .moov
QuickTime .mov
QuickTime .qt
Window Media Video .wmv

Other files types, such as application and text files, are available in File Player for download.


Downloading Your Files
You can download any of your File Player files individually or bundled into a .zip file.

FilePlayer-Buttons-Download.jpg To download files individually, just check the boxes next to them and click the "Download" button
FilePlayer-Buttons-DownloadAsZip.jpg To download files into a .zip, just check the boxes next to them and click the "Download as .zip" button
Note: you must stay logged in to your NiteFlirt account while we prepare your .zip file so that you don't miss your chance to download the file. Once it's ready, a notification will pop up with the link to download your .zip


Managing Playlists
Combine files into playlists to create content- or fetish-specific collections that you can access again and again! To create a playlist, click "new" in the Playlist section of the left panel of File Player.

Give your playlist a name and click "Save!" Then select one or more supported files and add them to your playlist. Once you have files in your playlist, click on its name and select "Play" to start your slideshow! Note that larger files and playlists may take a bit longer to load than others.

Click "Edit" to change the name or "Delete" to delete it. If you accidentally delete a playlist, don't worry -- deleting a playlist does not remove the files from File Player.

To add files to a playlist, select the files you want to add and then click the "Add to playlist" button. To remove files from a playlist, select the files you want to remove and then click the "Delete" button. When you've selected a file while viewing a playlist, the "Delete" button will only remove the file from the playlist, not your File Player.



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