What is NF Mail?

NF Mail is a simple and confidential way to email Flirts and other NiteFlirt members. When you send NF Mail, the person you write to only sees your Member Name and never your real email address!

In order to protect customers from unwanted email, Flirts may only send mail to their existing customers. Customers can send mail to whomever they'd like but must have a valid credit card on file with NiteFlirt in order to send NF Mail. If you haven't yet added your credit card info to your account, you can do so here.

If you don't want your NF Mail forwarded to your personal email address, you can adjust your Mail Delivery preference in the Options tab in the NF Mail Center.

To read and send NF Mail, click on the Mail icon in the Control Center section of My Account.

You can also send NF Mail by:

  • Click on "Send Mail" in the Mail Center section of My Account
  • Click on the Compose tab in the NF Mail Center
  • Click on "Send Mail" on the left side of a Flirt's Profile
  • Click on "Send Mail" on the left side of a Flirt's Listing


There are 5 different types of Mail:

Regular Mail lets you send simple messages and attachments. The recipient will receive an NF Mail with the message you write and it won't cost anything to open it.

Tribute Mail allows customers to send a Tribute (like a cash gift) to a Flirt along with a message. As soon as the mail is sent, the money is automatically transferred from the sender's account to the recipient's account. This type of mail is only available to customers.

Offer Mail is an invitation for 1 - 5 free minutes to be redeemed like coupons -- you can call the Flirt who sent the minutes for those minutes at no cost. Offers will automatically be redeemed, one per call, in the order received and an offer will be considered redeemed in full even if you don't use all of the minutes. Offers expire 60 days from the date received and are not transferable.

Payment Request Mail is simply a request that you pay the designated price for the content contained in the message. In a Payment Request Mail, the content is viewable and money will only be exchanged if the recipient accepts the request for payment. You may receive this type of mail if you click on a "Buy Now" button.

Pay-to-View Mail has a fee assigned to it by the sender and you must pay in order to view the message's contents. You may receive this type of mail if you click on a "Buy Now" button.

If you receive a Paid Mail -- Pay-to-View or Payment Request -- from a Flirt (or click on a "Buy Now" button), you are not charged the cost of the mail unless you decide to purchase the content. Paid Mail that has not been purchased (or paid for) will show as "Pending" in the Payment Status column of your NF Mail Center inbox and purchased mail will show as "Paid."

To pay for a Paid Mail, click on Send Payment. Or click on "Reply without paying" if you don't want to purchase the content but would like to respond to the sender.






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