Although we hope that you'll never have to, there may be a time when you feel the need to block another NiteFlirt member. You can block and unblock any member at any time by visiting the Mail Center.

How to Block and Unblock

In the NF Mail Center, click on the Options tab and then "Blocked Members". Enter the Member Name exactly as it appears on the site and click Block as shown below.


You can also block a Member who has sent you mail from your Mail Center inbox and from an individual mail message. Check the box next to the mail from the member you intend to block and the click the Block button or click "Block" within the message itself.


To unblock a previously blocked member, just select their Member Name from the Blocked Member Names list and click Unblock.


What if I've been blocked?

Unfortunately, there isn't much that can be done. All NiteFlirt members have the ability to block other members at their own discretion and for any reason. NiteFlirt team members and employees are not permitted to act as intermediaries -- we can't ask why a block was placed or ask that it be removed.



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