Payment Mail ("Buy Now") Buttons

Payment Mail Buttons, or "Buy Now" Buttons, let you create customer offerings that will be available to your customers 24/7 at a price that you set in advance (you keep 70% of the sales price). They're simple to create and you can place them anywhere on the Internet, whether it's on your listing, website, blog, social media, or email!

You create a button for each type of offering and then market it. You never have to deal with individual transactions. When customers click on your "Buy Now" Mail Button, they'll automatically receive your Payment Request or Pay-to-View Mail (depending on the button type) and can respond immediately with payment and without you taking any action. Payment and fulfillment are handled automatically, too!

Use your imagination -- "Buy Now" Buttons can be used for whatever you come up with! Create it, market it, and sell it. It's that easy!


Creating Payment Mail Buttons
Start creating Payment Mail Buttons now by clicking the Create Buttons icon in the Flirt Center section of the My Account page.

On the Payment Mail Buttons page, click "Create a New Button."

You can create two types of Paid Mail for your buttons. To decide which button you should use, think about your product offering and use these suggestions:

  • Payment Request mail is just that -- a request for payment. The recipients do not have to purchase the mail in order to see the contents or attachments. A Payment Request mail button is perfect for soliciting Tributes or for taking orders for pre-paid or customized services where you need information from a customer in order to complete your product. Make sure to specify what you need from the customer in the body of the mail!
  • Pay-to-View mail must be purchased by the recipients before they can see the contents or attachments. A Pay-to-View mail button is perfect for selling "as-is" content to a large audience such as membership information, written fantasies, pictures, or videos.

Once you have selected the type of mail for your button, enter the subject and amount. For Pay-to-View mail, enter a description for what's contained in the mail. Since the recipients won't be able to see the contents or attachments until they pay for the mail, the description should accurately represent what the customer is paying for and is a great opportunity to finalize the sale!

Now click Add/Remove Attachments to add your attachments. You can add attachments from your computer ("Upload a file"), from File Manager, or from a Goody Bag. When you're done, click OK.

Once you have all the bits and pieces in place, click "Continue!"

Congrats! You've created a Payment Mail Button! Your Payment Mail has a URL that you can use if you want to provide a link for your mail and, of course, HTML code for its "Buy Now" button.


"Payment Mail Buttons"
The Payment Mail Buttons page will list all of your buttons along with their type and price. Visit this page to see how many times each button has been sent and purchased, to get the link and HTML code, and to edit or delete the button!

Remember, just because customers have clicked on your Payment Mail Button does not necessarily mean that they have paid for the mail. When customers pay for a mail, we'll credit the earnings to your account balance and send a notification to your NF Mail Center inbox.






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