How to "Phone with Cam"

A Phone with Cam listing is used when a Flirt offers a cam show while a NiteFlirt call is taking place. Since NiteFlirt does not offer a direct cam service, we recommend finding a reliable service such as Skype or Yahoo. Flirts will need to provide their cam ID to their customers, which some Flirts sell using Payment Mail Buttons. In order to remain in compliance with NiteFlirt policies, customers will need to place a NiteFlirt call to the Flirt's Phone with Cam listing and remain on the call for the duration of the cam show. In other words, a NiteFlirt call is billing while the Flirt and customer are using the third-party cam service.

To create a Phone with Cam listing, visit the My Listings page and click Create a Live Listing. Select Phone with Cam and the appropriate sub-topic, add the listing Title and Description, and submit the listing so that it can be reviewed for acceptance!

Flirts are not permitted to offer blocks of time, cam-only, cam with mic, sexting, or IM/text shows, which are shows that do not include a phone service, even in exchange for a tribute as we cannot guarantee the customer has received the amount of time purchased.

We ask that Flirts treat their Yahoo, Eyeball, MSN, Skype, and other web cam and Instant Message IDs like a password and do not publish them on their listings. Rather this information can be given out over the phone, through a Payment Mail Button, or via NF Mail.

If you haven't done so already, please review Play Fair Basics to familiarize yourself with all of our policies.





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