Money Matters - Commission & Fees

Making money on NiteFlirt is easy and fun -- just take calls and sell Goodies & Paid Mail! As a Flirt and business owner, it's important to understand NiteFlirt's commission structure, call connection fees, and how to calculate what you'll earn after all is said and done!


NiteFlirt Commission
NiteFlirt's commission is 30% of earnings from Live Listings, Goodies, Paid Mail, and Tributes, and 50% of earnings from Recorded Listings.

Type of Service NF Commission Flirt Keeps
Live Calls 30% 70%
Recorded Calls 50% 50%
Goodies 30% 70%
Pay-to-View Mail 30% 70%
Payment Request Mail 30% 70%
Tributes 30% 70%


Connection Fees
The minimum connection fee for Live and Recorded Listing calls is $.20/min. This amount increases when the customer, the Flirt, or both use an international phone number.

F l i r t
Domestic $.10/min1 International $.30/min2
Domestic $.10/min1 $.20/min $.40/min
International $.30/min2 $.40/min $.60/min
1US and Canada
2Check out which international countries are supported on NiteFlirt!


Calculate Your Earnings
To calculate how much you'll earn for calls, subtract the applicable connection charge from the per-minute rate and then multiply the difference by the call length (in full minutes) -- this is the adjusted total. Now subtract NiteFlirt's commission from the adjusted total and then round up to the nearest cent!

Here are two 5 minute call examples based on a listing rate of $1.99 and the domestic connection fee3:

Type of Service (Rate - Conn. Fee) * Mins = Adjusted Total - Commission = Your Earnings
Live Call ($1.99 - $0.20) * 5 = $8.95 - 30% = $6.265 → $6.27
Recorded Call ($1.99 - $0.20) * 5 = $8.95 - 50% = $4.475 → $4.48

To calculate how much you'll earn for Goodies, Paid Mail, and Tributes, just multiply the amount you charge by the 70% that you keep and then round up to the nearest cent!

Here are a few examples3:

Type of Service Amount -Commission =Your Earnings
Goodies $5.99 -30% =$4.193 → $4.20
Pay-to-View Mail $4.99 -30% =$3.493 → $3.50
Payment Request Mail $3.99 -30% =$2.793 → $2.80
Tribute $10.00 -30% =$7.00 → $7.00

3Example amounts are not guaranteed and are subject to change.


Now that you understand your earnings, check out the Flirt Payout article to learn about your options for getting paid!

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