Giving Ratings & Leaving Feedback

Share your experiences with the NiteFlirt community by leaving ratings and written feedback for your call, mail, and Goodies purchases!

Ratings are a simple way to rank your experience. Call and mail ratings are measured in stars -- 1 star being the lowest rating and 5 stars being the highest -- and Goodies ratings use a "thumbs-up/thumbs-down" measurement. Adding written feedback along with your rating is a great way to describe your experience in more detail!

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Give Ratings & Leave Feedback
Give your ratings and leave written feedback on the Leave Feedback page, which you can get to by:

Once you get to the Leave Feedback page for a specific purchase, select a star rating (for calls or mail) or select "thumbs-up" or "thumbs-down" (for Goodies).

Then leave your written feedback (up to 250 characters) to describe your experience or why you're giving the chosen rating.

If you're rating a call purchase, take a few extra moments to tell us about the sound quality of your call by selecting from the Phone Connection drop-down menu.

Click LeaveFeedback-SubmitFeedback.jpg when you're done!

Ratings and feedback for calls and mail are displayed in the Feedback tab on the related listing's page. Ratings for Goodies can be seen in the details panel for the Goodies. Please be fair and reasonable in your ratings and feedback; remember, anyone who clicks on the Feedback tab will be able to read them! Take a few moments to check out our Feedback Policy.


Eligible Purchases
You can rate your first purchase with any given Flirt regardless of price. After that, any call, mail, or Goodies purchase of $0.99 or more can be rated. You can rate up to 3 purchases per Flirt per day and you can give your rating up to 30 days after the purchase. For example:

This morning you made 3 calls to FlirtA and bought 3 mails from FlirtB. You can rate all 3 of your calls with FlirtA and all 3 of your mail purchases from FlirtB as long as each purchase was $0.99 or more! But if you placed a 4th call to FlirtA this afternoon, this call would not be eligible for a rating or feedback because you've already rated 3 of today's purchases with FlirtA. If you didn't have time to rate or write feedback right after your calls with FlirtA, you'd still have 30 days to rate up to 3 of today's 4 calls!


How Ratings are Calculated
Each listing's rating rises or falls according to the following formula for call and mail purchases:

Star Rating Points Awarded
Stars-5.jpg +2 points
Stars-4.jpg +1 point
Stars-3.jpg 0 points
Stars-2.jpg -1 point
Stars-1.jpg -2 points
15 Minutes* +2 points

*Bonus points awarded for each 15 minute segment of calls costing at least $.25/minute more than the basic connection rate. Note: "Free minutes" do not count toward 15-minute bonuses.

The number of stars you see by a Flirt's listing indicates the average rating (on the 1-to-5 scale described above) that he or she has received from customers who have purchased from this listing in the past. Stars help customers choose which Flirts to purchase from and reward Flirts for their number of satisfied customers.

Goodies use an approval percentage based on the amount of "thumbs-up" and "thumbs-down" ratings received.






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