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If you haven’t already, make yourself familiar with all of the tools at your disposal for marketing your business through social media. Promoting yourself with these amazing tools is a fantastic way to highlight your NiteFlirt business to potential customers who might not learn of you otherwise. The words “Facebook,” “Twitter,” “Tumblr,” and all the assorted sites you can use needn’t make you nervous. They are amazing tools to further both your reach and your connection to existing and potential customers.

We, too, would love to engage with you on social media. The NiteFlirt social media footprints can serve as a wonderful supporting tool to help get you started in those worlds or to simply continue to support and strengthen your own personal reach. We do have a few rules that you will need to follow if you want NiteFlirt to effectively engage with you there.


NiteFlirt Wants to Help Promote You
While you are of course free to market yourself any way that you see fit, NiteFlirt will only be able to “retweet," “reblog," “like," “share," etc. for and/or with you if you aren’t also promoting sites similar to NiteFlirt. We realize we may not be your only platform, but we hope you understand that we can’t help advertise other companies that offer similar services. Please see Play Fair Basics for specifics on permitted personal websites and links.

For this reason, we will only be able to help push (“retweet” or share, etc.) you and your social media presence if your accounts are NiteFlirt friendly and do not violate our policies. For Twitter, this means that you don't mention or link to any pages that mention our competition in your Twitter bio.


Help NiteFlirt Notice Your Social Media Posts
If your social media accounts are within NiteFlirt’s guidelines for linking to personal websites, NiteFlirt will be happy to push and interact with basically any medium where you mention us and we see your feed. Any time you are going to be accepting calls on NiteFlirt is a great time to put that information onto social media. You can draw our attention to it by using the NiteFlirt hashtag (#niteflirt) or an @mention on Twitter, or for example.


NiteFlirt Will Help Promote You in Other Ways on Social Media
We will also feature, at random, various Flirts from NiteFlirt and help to promote them with their pictures and extensions as well. You do not need to do anything to be featured! This is ongoing and will always continue. If you don't want to wait to be randomly selected, request to be the Flirt of the Day (below).


Flirt of the Day
If you've seen NiteFlirt's (@NiteFlirt) "Flirt of the Day" (#FlirtOfTheDay) tweets and want to be considered, submit your Twitter handle to us in a Customer Support Form!

You will be considered for the Flirt of the Day if you:

      • have at least one (but more is a big plus!) photo of you on your listings or as your Goodies Thumbnail,
      • having Goodies is a plus, as it is the current focus of our Marketing Department,
      • and are in good standing with our Play Fair department.

Being active on Twitter is not a requirement, but is an advantage.

The Flirt of the Day tweet will include your photo, a link to your Flirt Profile or listing, and your Twitter handle (if your Twitter profile is compliant with our social media policies)!


NiteFlirt Official Blog
NiteFlirt would love to feature you specifically and individually on our social media feeds, as well as on our official blog. Please fill out our “Flirt Questionnaire” below to be featured. We would love to write an individual blog post about you that will include your answers to the questionnaire and pictures of you, and that links back to your call buttons and Flirt Profile. Please help us to help support you and we’ll give you the tools to take your business to new heights!


Flirt Questionnaire
Please pick any five (5) of the following questions and submit your answers along with a few pictures (that are compliant with the NiteFlirt Photo Policy) and send them to us!


      1. How did you begin in the world of adult chat and phone sex?
      2. What is your favorite part of being a Flirt on NiteFlirt?
      3. What do you do for fun when not taking phone sex and phone with cam (cam sex) calls on NiteFlirt?
      4. If you were some sort of erotic sexy food, what would you be?
      5. With all your experience in the world of erotic fantasy and adult chat, what's your favorite part of sex?
      6. What's the funniest thing that's happened to you on one of your hot phone sex calls?
      7. Is there anything you do to get yourself in the mood for an erotic fantasy phone sex session?
      8. Is there any kind of specific fetish that you yourself enjoy?
      9. If you only had one day to live, what would you do (besides take NiteFlirt calls)?
      10. What erotic fantasy would you like enacted on YOU?





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