Play Fair Basics

The Play Fair department enforces the NiteFlirt Terms of Service and NiteFlirt's policies. We're the ones who review the activity on the site and handle violations of our policies. We have the unfortunate job of removing people from NiteFlirt but we also get to maintain a community on NiteFlirt that promotes a fun and safe place to Speak to your Desire! To help keep your account in good standing, we suggest taking a few minutes to review this outline of our policies.


What am I not allowed to put on my listing or use as a Goody Thumbnail or Preview

What category should I put my live listing in?

Your category should describe you and the type of service you provide, not the callers you are trying to attract. Take a look at our Category Requirements for more details!

What am I not allowed to talk about or provide to my customers?

When in doubt about a policy, just ask! We love to hear from you. You can also visit our Community Forums and see what other Flirts are talking about. Be sure to review our Forum Rules before you post!


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