About Featured Listings

Featured Listings are listings that are ranked in relation to the other listings in their category. A listing's rank in Featured Listings is determined by the listing's total combined score which is made up of a bid and the listing's Listing Value Score (LVS). The listing with the highest total combined score in a category will achieve the highest rank in Featured Listings for that category; the next highest score will achieve the next highest ranking; and so on.

Listings that have negative ratings or a star average of less than 3.5 cannot be featured, which means you'll always get quality Flirts when you choose a Featured Listing. Plus, any given listing is only featured when the Flirt is available to take calls so when you use Featured Listings, you'll always get quality Flirts who are available right when you want them.

Featured Listings are displayed on the NiteFlirt.com homepage and Featured Listings is the default sort option for each category page. The Featured Listings offered on the My Account page are those from within the category you most recently transacted. For example, if you last called a listing in Women Home Alone > Housewives, the Featured Listings section on the My Account page will show Feature Listings from Women Home Alone > Housewives.






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