What is NiteFlirt? How does it work?

NiteFlirt is the place where you can Speak to Your Desire™! Our Flirts provide the world's best phone sex and digital goods to fulfill any fantasy. Join NiteFlirt for free and find exactly what you're looking for!

There are never any hidden fees on NiteFlirt -- you only pay for what you want, when you want it! And privacy is our thing. We never reveal your personal information to anyone, not even the Flirt you are calling. Your information is safe and secure, and we bill your credit card discreetly as "NF Services."

How NiteFlirt Works

When you're ready to Speak to Your Desire™ with the hottest phone sex, all you have to do is:

NF-MenuSprites-FindAFlirt.jpg Browse in our categories to view Flirt listings, Goodies, feedback, and prices before you start a call or make a purchase.
NF-ButtonSprites-Call.jpg Click to talk to the Flirt you choose.
Speak! Your phone rings and we connect you with your Flirt. Just pay the per minute rate for as long as you wish!

If you're not quite ready to Speak to Your Desire™, go digital and get what you desire with Goodies instead:

NF-MenuSprites-FindGoodies.jpg Browse for the hottest videos, photos, and audio clips to fulfill every desire every time and any time you want.
NF-ButtonSprites-Goodies.png Click to buy the Goodies you want.
Play! View and download your Goodies with File Player!



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