Guide to Posting Social Shouts

When using Social Shouts to broadcast important NiteFlirt-related updates to your social media followers and customers, deciding which events to post to each platform can be tough. Twitter and Tumblr each have their own appropriate uses and practices, so here's a bit of insight into each to help with that decision!


Twitter_logo_white.png Twitter
Great for: Quick bursts of information
Condensed posts, limited to 140 characters
Maintaining communication with current customers
Finding new customers via retweets
All Social Shouts events
Social Shouts instant, custom posts
tumblr_logo_white_blue_128.png Tumblr
Great for: Detailed, written content
Long-form personal blog posts
Photo blogs
Previews of photo, video, & audio Goodies
More personal access with fans/customers
Available & unavailable, Added & sold a Goody Bag, and Posted new Goody Bag thumbnail Social Shouts events
Social Shouts instant, custom posts

It's important to keep each site's individual policies in mind and to always use your best judgement when posting -- you don't want your post to be viewed as spam. For example, if you are continually getting favorited (which is awesome!), you may want to disable the shout for that event so that you don't look like you're spamming your followers. Feel free to experiment in order to get a feel for which posts work best for you and your customers.






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