File Manager Storage Limit

The File Manager storage limit is 20GB, but we'll give you extra storage for every Goody Bag you sell. Whenever you sell a Goody Bag, the amount of space required to store the bag's files will not count towards your 20GB limit for one year!

For example, let's say you're using all 20GB of storage space and you sold a 3GB Goody Bag today. The 3GB of space that the files in that bag use will not be counted towards your 20GB limit, and you'll see that you're only using 17GB of space! Those 3GB will not be counted towards your limit for the next year, and this 365-day period will start over every time you sell that bag. If you sell a 5GB bag tomorrow, that's an additional 5GB that won't be counted toward your limit for the next 365 days. The more bags you sell, the more storage you get!

If you need to make room for newer content, it's wise to delete Goody Bags that are not selling well. You can see how many times a Goody Bag has been sold along with the date of the last sale in the Goody Bag Details section for each bag.


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