Offer Mail

Keep your customers coming back for more by using Offers! Offers are essentially personalized coupons that invite your customers to call you. We encourage you to send an Offer to your customers after every call to keep them coming back for more!

You can send Offers by:

  • visiting the Flirt Center section of My Account and clicking the Send Offers icon.
  • selecting Offer from the Type of Mail menu when sending mail from the NF Mail Center.
  • clicking Send Mail in My Customers after selecting one or more customers or an entire Customer List.

You can send each existing customer a maximum of thirty (30) Offers every thirty days. Once a customer has 30 Offers from you, you won't be able to send that customer more Offers. These limits were requested by our members to prevent spam or unwanted Offers. Please see NiteFlirt's Anti-Spam Policy.

Like coupons, Offers have restrictions. They can only be used once and expire in 60 days. Customers may only redeem one Offer per call and each Offer will be considered redeemed in full even if the customer doesn't use all of the minutes. For example, if your customer calls using an Offer for 5 free minutes but only speaks for 3 minutes, the remaining 2 minutes will be forfeited and the Offer is considered redeemed.

When you send an Offer, it can be used to call any of your Live Listings and will automatically be applied to the recipient's next call. You can, however, associate the Offer to a specific listing by selecting the listing you want in the "For Listing:" menu on the Send Mail page. If your customer initiates a call using the link in the Offer, the specified listing will be called. Offers do not apply to Recorded Listings.






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