My Customers

My Customers enables you to track, organize, and communicate with your customers! The information provided in My Customers gives you visibility into how your customers interact with you, allowing you to analyze and build effective customer marketing programs.

To access My Customers, click on the My Customers icon in the Flirt Center of My Account.


My Customers

The default view shows the 20 customers with whom you've had the most recent contact and all the important information you would want to know about them, such as number of calls (live and recorded), mail (sent and received), lifetime earnings, last contact date, contact type, and which customer list you put them in.

Read on to explore:


My Customers Columns

MyCustomers-CheckBoxColumn.jpg Clicking a customer's check-box marks him or her to be affected by one of the action buttons above and below the table: Send Mail, Block, Delete, or Assign to List.
Clicking the check-box in a column header will fill the check-boxes in every row of the table. Clicking the check-box in the column header again will clear all the check-boxes.
MyCustomers-CustomerColumn.jpg Change the Sort by clicking on "Customer" at the top of the Customer column. Your list will alphabetically sort, ascending and descending, by customer Member Name. The default sort for this page is by Last Contact Date. Clicking on a name in this column sends you to the Customer Detail Page for that customer.
  New Customers    Customers who are new to you in the last 30 days will be flagged as "new" in red next to the Member Name.
Missed Call Flag Red flag indicators signifying missed calls; these can be removed by clicking the icon.
Live Call Phone This column shows the number of live calls you've had with this customer. Clicking on the column header sorts the table according to total number of calls with each customer; clicking it again will sort from least calls to most.
Recorded Call Headphones This column shows the number of Recorded Listing calls you've had from each customer. It otherwise works exactly like the Live Calls column above.
Outbound Mail This column shows the amount of mail you have sent to each customer. Click the icon in the column header to sort.
Inbound Mail The numbers in this column represent the amount of mail you have received from each customer. Like the other columns, click the header to sort.
goodie-bag-white.png The numbers in this column represent the number of Goody Bags purchased from each customer. Like the other columns, click the header to sort.
MyCustomers-LifetimeColumn.jpg This is the total amount of money you have earned from each customer. Note: These numbers don't include (1) connection rate or (2) commissions charged.
MyCustomers-LastContactColumn.jpg This column sorts your customers according to the date the last interaction occurred starting with the most recent. Clicking this header again will reverse the order.
MyCustomers-ContactTypeColumn.jpg This describes the interaction between you and your customers. The types are: Call Sold, Call from Top Picks Received, Missed Call, Customer Missed Call, Mail Sent, Mail Invitation Sent, Mail Sold, and Mail Received.
MyCustomers-CustomerListColumn.jpg This column shows the Customer Lists in which each customer has been placed. "Unassigned" indicates that the customer has not been assigned to a list. Clicking on this column header sorts the table alphabetically by Customer List, ascending and descending.


Search & Display

By default, the 20 customers with whom you've had the most recent contact are shown when access My Customers. Use the navigation links to at the top to see specific customers or groups of customers.

MyCustomers-SearchDisplay-AlphaNumeric.jpg Use the alpha-numeric navigation links to view customers with Member Names that start with a number, specific number, or specific letter.
MyCustomers-SearchDisplay-Search.jpg Enter all or a portion of a customer’s Member Name in the search field to look up a specific customer.
MyCustomers-SearchDisplay-Display.jpg Select a Customer List to display only those customers assigned to that list. You can learn more about Customer Lists below.


Mass Action Buttons

Apply the same action to one or more customers with these action buttons:

MyCustomers-Action-Select.jpg Check this box to apply an action to all of the customers in the list you are viewing. If you are viewing all of your customers when you check this box, the action you select will be applied to your entire My Customers database.
Send Mail Button Select one or more customers and click the Send Mail button to send mail to them. None of the recipients will see the Member Names of the other recipients.
Block Button Select one or more customers and click the Block button to place them on your “Blocked” Customer List. Note: deleting customers from your “Blocked” Customer List will unblock them.
Delete Button Select one or more customers and click the Delete button to remove them from your My Customers database. Note: deleting customers from your “Blocked” Customer List will unblock them.
Assign Button Select one or more customers and click the Assign to List button to assign them to a Customer List. If you have not already created the list to which you want them assigned, you can do so after clicking this button.


Customer Details

Click on a customer's Member Name to see a summary of his customer relationship with you and to make or review notes on this customer.

From here, click the "View Contact History" link to see the Contact History page, a detailed history of this customer's contact with you.

The Contact History page provides a list of your calls and mails with this customer, along with links to the purchase detail pages for each service sold, over the last 16 months.

Contact History also provides a list of all the offers you've sent to this customer (redeemed or not) along with the ratings and feedback he has given.


Customer Lists
Create Customer Lists and place customers into them based on their fantasy preferences, purchase methods, spending habits, etc. Organizing your customers into Customer Lists can help you analyze which services your customers respond to the most and can help you target a specific audience through NF Mail marketing campaigns.

To start organizing your customers into Customer Lists, click the "Manage Customer Lists" link at the top of My Customers, under the Search and Display buttons.

We have provided 3 default lists to get you started: Blocked, New Customers, and Unassigned. The Blocked list is where customers will automatically be assigned when you block them; New Customers consists of every new customer who has yet to be assigned to another list; and the Unassigned list is where customers who are unblocked will be placed until you assign them to another list.

If you're an affiliate, a fourth default list ("Affiliate Referral") will appear in the event a referral has become a member through one of your Affiliate Creatives. Interested in becoming an affiliate? Become one!

To create a new Customer List, click Create.


Enter a name for your list and click Create List.

Repeat this process until you've created all of your lists and whenever you're in need of a new list!

If you want to change the name of a list, mark the radio button next to the list's current name and click Rename. Enter the new name and click Rename List to save your changes.

You can now start placing customers in the appropriate lists. Other than the Blocked list, customers can be placed in as many lists as you like! Select the customers that you want to put into a specific list from the main My Customers page and click the Assign to List mass action button.

Then select the list or lists that these customers should be added to and click Assign.

These customer will be moved from their currently assigned list(s) to the selected list(s). To keep these customers in their currently assigned list(s) while adding them to additional lists, be sure to select all of the lists to which you want them assigned. In the example below, Flirty Flirt has selected a few of her "Digital Goods Preferred" customers and wants to assign them to the "Written Fantasy Lovers" list in addition to the "Digital Goods Preferred" list. To do this, she has selected both lists.

Take advantage of all the customer management features My Customers provides to help you make the most out of your NiteFlirt business!






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