Marketing Tips

Marketing your NiteFlirt business is essential in order to both attract new customers and increase sales! In addition to our on-site marketing tools, such as Featured Listings and Social Shouts, consider some of these ideas, too:

Promote your Goody Bags
Place "Buy Now" Buttons for Tributes
Update your Listings
Take Advantage of Social Media


Promote your Goody Bags
Goody Bags are one of the easiest ways to make money on NiteFlirt because once you create the bag, you just sit back and watch the money roll in!

  • Ask your customers what kind of Goodies they're interested in and create bags based on their responses.
  • Offer custom Goody Bags on request.
  • Create theme-based Goody Bags that you can offer on a monthly basis. Perhaps a Sexy Accountant theme for tax season, hot bikini shots in July, and Halloween costumes during October!
  • Get your customers involved with interactive Goody Bags! Create a "Choose Your Own Adventure" bag that contains only a portion of a video. Email the customers that buy the bag with a poll that offers different ending options for the story. Then, based on their responses, film (and sell!) the ending in another Goody Bag!


Place "Buy Now" Buttons for Tributes
If you like the "sit back and watch the money roll in" idea, Tributes are THE easiest way to do that. Create Payment Request "Buy Now" buttons for varying dollar amounts and place them anywhere on the web!


Update your Listings
NiteFlirt is the place where you can Speak to Your Desire™! We offer the largest marketplace and customers come to NiteFlirt for the world's best phone sex so it's important to keep your listings interesting and update to date.

  • Update listings to reflect new offerings, such as Goody Bags.
  • Keep your photos current.
  • Get your customers involved! Poll your customers to see which photos or listing designs they'd like to see.


Take Advantage of Social Media
Social Media is one of the best places for marketing, and it's free! Not only can you participate with NiteFlirt using Social Media, but you can also utilize our integrated Social Shouts feature to do some of that marketing for you! And, of course, brushing up on the technical side of using Twitter as a marketing platform doesn't hurt either:

  • Be sure to engage with every @reply personally. Give followers a reason to continue to respond to you
  • Ask followers questions so they have something to talk about/respond to
  • Follow back! Your followers love this. Makes them feel special. RT them!
  • Research popular hashtags and use those that apply to you and your business to reach out and find new potential customers
  • Research and follow followers of other adult workers who do what you do. Market to them for new potential customers
  • Do a live blog of your day, if interesting enough






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