Chat with Your Customers (beta)

Now you have a new way to earn from and connect with customers on NiteFlirt with chat! Chat helps strengthen existing relationships and build new ones all while earning money at times and in places you couldn't before. Enroll now! (learn more)

Customers must initiate chats first (Sorry, Flirts can't chat with other Flirts!). When they do, you will earn $0.46 per volley. What's a volley? A volley is your first response within 24 hours of the customer's last message. This simple rule makes everything fair, and it's much better than per message or per minute approaches. When you chat, the "NF" indicator shows when a volley has been exchanged.



To enroll, click on Chat in the NiteFlirt header. Enter the mobile phone number you want your Chat Alerts sent to, and we'll text you a verification code. You'll only have to verify your number once, and as always, no one will ever see your actual phone number. Please note: You can only register one US/Canadian mobile number for Chat Alerts, and this number can only be used for Chat Alerts on one account.

Like all communications on NiteFlirt, we never reveal your personal information to others, and this includes Chat! We even remove all personally identifying information (Exif data) from photos, so it's safe to exchange photos via Chat.

Chat Alerts

You can turn Chat Alerts on or off and set quiet hours in the My Availability section of My Account. To turn Chat Alerts off, select "Off - No chat alerts" from the "Text Chat Alerts to" drop-down menu. Use the radio button to select whether Chat Alert quiet hours should be observed, and click "Edit quiet hours" to set them!


Chat Alerts are only sent to your phone via SMS if you haven't been active on your NiteFlirt account for 5 minutes or more. This is so that you're not bothered with text alerts when you’re active on the site — it would be annoying since you’re already there! Text alerts should stop about a minute after you reply to a message, either via our mobile site on your phone or the desktop site. 

Chat Card

During the enrollment process, you'll be asked to personalize your Chat Card. When customers are browsing Flirts who are enrolled in Chat or when they visit your Flirt Profile, we'll show them your Chat Card. Enter the tag line you want displayed on your card to entice customers to chat with you. We'll automatically use the photo from your highest rated live listing.


Once you've enrolled in Chat, click on the Chat icon in the Flirt Center to update your Chat Card and to access your chats.


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