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posted this on July 10, 2012, 9:54 AM

The NiteFlirt Affiliate Program pays you money for every new customer you send to NiteFlirt. You send new customers to NiteFlirt from your website, email, or other advertising. When those customers spend money, we pay you! Currently we pay $50 for each new customer you refer.


How does the NiteFlirt Affiliate Program work?
As an affiliate, you'll put creative on your website, in an email signature, or in social media posts. Then someone clicks the creative and visits NiteFlirt. After they click, they have 30 days to become a member and after they become a member, they have 90 days to spend $50. After they spend $50, we'll credit $50 to your NiteFlirt account!

  1. Enroll in the NiteFlirt Affiliate Program.
  2. Post the links and images provided on the Affiliate Creative page that contain your Affiliate ID.
  3. Earn affiliate credit from your links placed on third-party sites, not on, that bring new customers who make qualifying purchases on NiteFlirt.
  4. Choose your payout method – Check or Direct Deposit.


How do I become a NiteFlirt Affiliate?
To become an affiliate, just sign up to be a NiteFlirt member. Then accept the Affiliate Agreement and - voilà! - you are now a NiteFlirt affiliate! Congratulations!


Are there any fees or costs associated with becoming a NiteFlirt affiliate?
No. There is no charge to become a NiteFlirt affiliate.


Do I need to be a Flirt to participate?
No. Any NiteFlirt member can be an affiliate. Simply accept the Affiliate Agreement and place the affiliate links on your website, in your emails, and through social media.


Can websites outside of the U.S. become an affiliate?
Sure! We strongly suggest you take a look at the countries NiteFlirt supports so you can tailor your marketing efforts to those who can use the service.


I’m a Flirt. Will my existing links and buttons count towards the NiteFlirt Affiliate Program?
If you are a Flirt, existing call buttons, listing links, and links to your Flirt Profile will give you affiliate credit as long as these are placed outside of However, preexisting links to other NiteFlirt pages and Mail Buttons may not properly capture the new customers you bring to NiteFlirt as a part of the NiteFlirt Affiliate Program, so you may want to update these links and buttons. We are working on updating our system to give credit for existing Mail Buttons but do not currently have a launch date.


Who is considered a new customer?
A new customer is someone who has never visited NiteFlirt before.


What is the qualifying purchase a new customer needs to make in order for me to make money?
The new customer needs to spend $50 on NiteFlirt within 90 days of joining. They can spend that $50 in any combination of ways - on calls, mail purchases, Goody Bag purchases, or Tributes.


When will I see my $50?
$50 will be credited to your NiteFlirt account approximately 60 days after the customer spends $50.


How often do I get paid by NiteFlirt?
After the $50 referral credit is added to your NiteFlirt account, you can choose from multiple payment options. You can either be paid monthly by check or direct deposit, or enroll in Express Pay which is paid out daily via direct deposit. Learn more about getting paid here!


Which clicks count?
When a potential customer clicks on your banners or buttons on your site or they click on your refer link, it counts! But, because we track who clicked, we only record one click per unique person.

Clicks that originate from NiteFlirt or sites powered by NiteFlirt do not count.


How long after a click will it count as my referral?
If a customer who clicks on your affiliate link joins within 30 days, we consider them referred to NiteFlirt by you!


What is my NiteFlirt Affiliate ID and where can I find it?
Your NiteFlirt Affiliate ID uniquely identifies you and credits the new customer referrals to your account. Your NiteFlirt Affiliate ID is included in the HTML code for the content links and comes after "pid=" in the HTML.

Note: If you are a Flirt and linking to your own content, then the affiliate links do not need to contain the affiliate code. By default, we will credit the owner of the linked content as the affiliate, as long as that owner has accepted our Affiliate Agreement.

Your NiteFlirt Affiliate ID is listed in purple in the "Creative" tab within the Affiliate Center.


Do you provide me with banners to use?
We sure do! But if you’re feeling creative, go ahead and create your own!


Can I earn money promoting other Flirts’ Profiles, Listings, and Call, Mail, or Goody Bag buttons?
Yes! To earn referral payments for directing new customers to another Flirt’s Profile, Listings, and Call, Mail, and Goody Bag buttons, use the Affiliate Creative Generator on the Creative tab under your Affiliate ID!

  1. Click the link next to "Want to promote another Flirt?"
  2. Enter the Flirt's Member Name and click "Generate HTML."
  3. Select the creative you want to promote and copy the HTML!


What is a Creative ID?
In the code for each banner and button, we have included a Creative ID or "CRID." The CRID allows you to identify that particular creative and display results based on that CRID. This allows you to track how well a specific creative is performing. And if you use the same creative in different places, just assign each a different CRID to compare how each is performing!


What types of reporting are available to Affiliates?
In the "Results" tab within the Affiliate Center you are able to view how many people clicked on your banners and how many people actually became new NiteFlirt members from those clicks!

You can view your results in a graph that displays your Clicks and Conversions by time Period. Or you can view your results by the method (Creative Type).

Creative Type displays the Creative ID associated with the affiliate creative.
Clicks indicates how many times potential customers have clicked on the creative.
Conversions shows the clicks that have converted into referrals. A conversion can show in Results up to 90 days before your NiteFlirt account is credited.
Paid displays the amount of money that has been credited to your Niteflirt account for referrals.
Pending Payment shows the amount of money that will potentially be paid to you for referrals.






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